Drug Rehab Treatment

counselingDrug rehab treatment is broken down into four phases. Everyone of these phases are critical for a person while there are recovering from a drug addiction problem and they all need to be completed in order for a person to get the best possible outcome from their drug rehab treatment.

Phases of Treatment

The first phase you will undergo in drug rehab treatment is a sauna based, drug free detox program which will rid the body of drug residuals. This phase is the cornerstone to your recovery. Many people think you can go through drug rehab treatment without a drug free detox program, but they are wrong. Without cleansing the bodies of the residues remaining from your drug addiction problem, you have a higher risk to have drug cravings, relapse, and depression after you have finished drug rehab treatment.

The second phase is special educational therapies where you learn self control and how to handle your life without addiction.

The third phase is an extension to the second phase and this phase is when you as a recovering addict learn how to gain self esteem and confidence while also completely curing yourself from the need to get high.

The fourth and final phase in drug rehab treatment is the follow up program. After a person leaves drug rehab, there will always be the want (no longer a need) to get high. Throughout a year span you will have regular sessions with doctors to see how you are handling your new life, but also what troubles you are facing. This stage will ultimately keep a person sober for life.

Drug Rehab Treatment

If you or someone you know and love is living with a drug addiction problem, contact your local drug rehab treatment center today. There are four phases you will need to complete to completely recover, but if you make the call today, your life will begin tomorrow.