A Forever Recovery Reviews Benefits of Counseling

Confidence CommunicationA Forever Recovery reviews the option of counseling—both in group and individual settings—as one that can greatly help one explore the nature of his or her addiction. In addition to offering clients a great deal of versatile treatment options, the AFR facility highly encourages adamant use of group and independent counseling to overcome addiction and face difficult problems in a safe environment. Those who are apprehensive of the counseling process should take note of the following advantages associated with this common practice:

  • Uncovering Harmful Habits

As noted before, repetitive circumstances and risk factors can fuel one’s addiction and prove harmful if the individual does not learn how to address them in a healthy, appropriate fashion. In independent counseling, a client may find that although they are simply talking through their experiences and problems, they are also providing a wealth of material that can help a counselor identify patterns in relation to the addiction. In group counseling environments, addicts can identify these habits among others and come to realize that they too suffer from the same behaviors. By bringing these factors out into the open, it is much easier to identify ways to effectively manage them.

  • Developing Confidence in Communication

Throughout addiction, people will often find that although they face many issues, they most likely internalize them. As part of the isolation associated with addiction, users may find themselves not discussing their problems, concerns and thoughts with others in a health nature. In group counseling, addicts can develop greater confidence in expressing their thoughts among others, as well as learn better ways to listen to people who face similar issues. Independent counseling, although in a one-on-one environment, allows people to focus on their problems and talk them out thoroughly with another, giving them greater understanding of their internal processes.

  • Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills

One component of Moral Reconation Therapy is realigning one’s belief systems that are in proper accordance with “right” and “wrong” judgments and behaviors. A person who is currently facing addiction struggles will have limited capabilities when it comes to resolving major problems in life, and will often “solve” them by using drugs or alcohol. However, through counseling, a person will not only discover what underlying factors have led to the addiction problem, but will also uncover ways to address these problems. By listening to the experiences and resolution processes of others in group counseling, addicts can find that they are developing a refined approach to problem-solving. In individual counseling, a counselor may help guide the client to uncover potential solutions to common problems, and how to determine which resolution options are best without relying on the crutch that drugs or alcohol previously provided.

Discovering Strength

Although the process of counseling is one that will cause clients to face many difficult problems in their life, A Forever Recovery reviews these treatment options as ones that do not always have to focus on the negative. Through discussing one’s life and addiction issues, a person with a substance abuse problem can find that they often have personal strengths that can help them tackle obstacles in life with greater self-confidence.

Identifying Addiction

alcohol-addictionAlthough the path towards recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is a difficult journey, it is one that is not possible until a person is willing to address the existence of the problem. Some individuals who have come to rely on drugs or alcohol may have become so detached from their lives, choices and behaviors, that they may not even have the ability to identify addiction among themselves. Many times, people who are addicted to harmful substances will require the support and encouragement of their friends and family during this difficult time. While it is certainly a sensitive issue, it is important to look for the following signs to determine if a person is possibly addicted to drugs or alcohol:

  • Instances of Doubt

Identifying addiction apart from recreational drug or alcohol use can prove a difficult process for many, especially if it is an activity that one is partaking in personally. An individual who begins to ask themselves doubtful questions, such as “Why do I keep drinking or using?” may find that they are addicted. Likewise, those who are concerned about their loved one will find themselves expressing doubt in their friend or relative’s ability to handle an addictive substance.

  • Isolation

As previously noted, social, work and family environments can all present added risk to one’s ability to become addicted to drugs or alcohol. As such, people may turn to harmful substances to better handle these surroundings, but will eventually find that the drugs or alcohol is enough. Slowly, an addict will progress away from their social environments and may become isolated or surround him or herself with other users. If a person has noticed that he or she has moved away from their typical environments, it may prove time to address the cause behind it. Outsiders that have not seen a friend or family member for a long time and fear that they are using drugs or alcohol should address this extensive isolation and its relation to addiction.

  • Denial

Many mental processes that require a person to accept a difficult fact, usually involve a stage where the individual strongly denies the problem or becomes defensive. Those who notice that a friend or relative is aggressively defending or denying drug or alcohol may want to find a way to address the potential existence of an addiction problem. In addition, part of this defense may involve the user making up lies and keeping secrets from those that they would not usually withhold information from. Part of recovery is coming to bring these facts out into the open and making the decision to accept and confront the addiction.

Positive Testimonials from Former AFR Clients

addiction problemsAccording to A Forever Recovery, reviews coming from those who have actually experienced the AFR process and the nature of Moral Reconation Therapy can serve as the greatest testament to how optimal this treatment program is. Although making the decision to enter a drug or alcohol recovery is a difficult commitment, the following testimonials may encourage many to make a step in the right direction to overcome addiction:

“AFR has taught me many things. I have learned how to enjoy my sobriety. I’ve realized that sobriety is alot more fun and enjoyable than being high. I’ve learned to be honest with myself and with others. I’ve learned to trust myself and others. I’ve learned how to accept things that happen in my life. I would lie to myself to make my situation seem not so bad when in reality I was on a break down. I felt hopeless and lost. I feel like I’ve gotten my life back. I have a true purpose in life. I’ve learned I can be a valuable member of society that I deserve nothing but the best for myself. I’ve learned a lot of other people from all walks of life have been through the same things I’ve been through. I’ve learned how to live again. I sincerely thank the program and everyone at AFR.”

-          R. F., November 2010

“I grew up while being at A Forever Recovery. I was a very scared, tired, angry and lonely little girl.  My mind was entangled but by working the steps I can honestly say I am in a state of grace.  I experienced it as a sense of serenity, inner light and quiet peacefulness.  In the MRT book I found out that I’m not crazy, but instead that my personality had been running my life.  My inner self was on the back burner.  While at the [AFR] facility, I put my inner self and personality in sequence and now they are one.  I am truly a different person.  I have restored my sanity.  I have the [AFR] staff and clients to thank for my second chance at life.”

-          S. Z., March 2009

“Before coming to the [AFR] program, I was living my life through my personality and learned the difference between my inner self and personality.  If I can stay focused on my recovery by attending NA and meeting with a CT therapist weekly, along with a sponsor, I should [have the ability] to keep myself away from the people, places and things that have led me to use in the past.  The self-inventory and MRT really helped me to look at myself and the issues in my life which have caused me to use.  The A Forever Recovery treatment was a great program, not like any other that I have experienced.”

-          P. C., January 2009

With the Help of Others

One of the unique elements about the AFR treatment program is that clients can take an active role in their recovery, as well as providing encouragement to those who are experiencing the same issues. By opening up and discussing addiction problems with others, many can learn to trust themselves, their peers and the Moral Reconation Therapy process.

Alcohol Abuse Facts

The facts of alcohol abuse are not easy to ignore. You will not find any benefits in the abuse of alcohol. The abuse is so widespread Alcohol Abuse Factsaround the world affecting even pre-teens and as well as adults. In America, one out of every thirteen people have an alcohol problem. Almost 10% of people are predisposed genetically to become addicted to alcohol. As studies show, more than half of the people in the United States are affected by a family member’s alcohol abuse.

Negative Effect

Alcohol abuse facts show the negative effects of alcohol on the health of the American population. Alcohol abuse leads directly to dependency, which leads the abuser into alcoholism. More than two drinks within a twenty-four hour period can show you are at risk toward becoming addicted. If you find yourself spending a lot of your valuable time concerned with drinking or recovering from drinking alcohol, try to realize these warning signs are speaking loudly to you. It is an easy slide into alcoholism, and once the disease is produced, the alcoholic’s system will be affected with a variety of serious complications health-wise. Most people who drink aren’t even aware alcohol abuse can lead to several different types of cancers, including cancer of the liver, larynx and throat and bladder. Alcoholism also affects the central nervous system, including the brain, and can delirium tremors (shakes).

Alcohol Abuse Facts

Our alcohol rehabilitation centers are focused strongly on the effects and complications alcohol abuse causes for our clients. We have valuable experience in the treatments we offer, including medical care and psychological counseling. Our success stories are our reward. Alcoholism can devastate your life, your health and cause the ones close to you to suffer almost as much as you do.  If you have this addiction, remember, treatment can restore your life, for you and the ones who love you. Call our center today, or get on-line, and just a click away, your life can be drastically changed for the better.

Alcoholism Dangers

There are many alcoholism dangers.  Alcoholism is the term referring to the disease of alcohol dependence. It is a very serious Alcoholism Dangersproblem that often starts with a person being a social drinker, leading to alcohol abuse or alcoholism.  Alcoholism dangers causes the individual to experience withdrawal symptoms when alcohol is withheld and these can range from mild to life-threatening.  Even though alcoholism is the most severe stage of alcohol abuse, it is not the only dangerous aspect of alcohol abuse.

Binge Drinking

One dangerous method of alcohol abuse is known as binge drinking.  Binge drinking is defined as having more than five drinks at one time and repeatedly drinking them one after another. The other definition of binge drinking is to simply drink large amounts of alcohol at one time with the intention of getting drunk. The binge drinker can possibly become an alcoholic and will experience the same kinds of problems as an alcoholic such as family dysfunction, loss of employment, poor health, financial issues and legal problems. There are numerous other dangerous practices being used by those seeking to get a better buzz from their alcohol consumption, and hundreds of people die needlessly after participating in these rituals.

Alcoholism Dangers

There are a variety of reasons for alcoholism such as low self-esteem, peer-pressure, depression, and family history of alcoholism. Research proves family genetics do play a role in someone developing alcohol problems.  Other research shows your environment and peer-influence will also put you at risk to be alcohol dependent and lead you to alcoholism dangers. In today’s society, young people are at a disadvantage regarding alcohol consumption because so many movies, songs, commercials and parties are based on making alcohol the main theme and portray drunkenness as a humorous and acceptable form of entertainment.

If your life is being affected by alcoholism, call today to learn how an alcoholism treatment program can help you overcome the powerful addiction and guide you toward the future as a sober, self-confident member of society once again.

Morphine Addiction Effects


Morphine_DOJMorphine addiction effects can be life threatening. Morphine addiction is something thousands of people in America live with on a day to day basis. These people sometimes do not concern themselves with the side effects they might have to deal with. Morphine addiction effects a person’s entire life. It causes a person mental, physical and emotional problems which sometimes cannot be overcame because their morphine addiction has gone too far.

Common Morphine Addiction Effects

When someone is prescribed morphine they can experience common side effects such as constipation, head ache, fever, chills and vomiting. These side effects are not considered threatening, but some side effects with morphine use can cause serious problems, and if they are experienced a person should seek medical help immediately. These morphine addiction effects include excessive drowsiness, hallucinations, pounding in the chest, seizures, shock, sudden chest pain, and dangerous allergic reactions.

Morphine Addiction Effects can be Permanent

Morphine use does not become life threatening until someone abuses dosing or uses it for their addiction. Side effects of morphine addiction can be permanent and/or life ending. These side effects include brain damage, respiratory problems, heart failure, organ failure, hallucinations, loss of control of your body, and seizures. Even with only one wrong dose someone can cause themselves a life time of health issues due to a morphine addiction.

If you are feeling the morphine addiction effects, it’s time to seek help.

Morphine is growing in popularity and every day more and more people are becoming victims to the effects of this drug. If you or some one you care for has fallen victim to morphine addiction, call A Forever Recovery and speak with one of our morphine addiction treatment professionals now. They will help you make all the necessary changes in your life so you can start towards morphine addiction recovery today. Remember the effects of morphine addiction are not worth the few minutes of fun that someone might experience under the influence of morphine. Make the change now, call A Forever Recovery so that you can live a better life tomorrow and not suffer from morphine addiction effects.

Drug Rehab


DSC_8215Drug rehab is the term for the process of medical and/or psycho-therapeutic treatment for dependency on substances such as alcohol, prescription drugs, and other abused drugs commonly categorized as street drugs.

A Forever Recovery Drug Rehab

The sole purpose of drug rehab is to equip each patient with the tools to cease their substance abuse in order to avoid problems such as legal, financial, physical and psychological consequences caused by substance abuse.  Depending on the severity of a person’s addiction will determine their treatment at drug rehab.

Most all patients choose residential treatment (in-patient) because of the amount of time and care dedicated to recovery. This program can last over a year, but is considered to be the best choice for someone living with a long term substance abuse problem. Outpatient treatment program is another good choice for someone with a substance abuse problem.  This program allows the patient to visit the drug rehab usually a couple of times a week to get their addiction treatment. Outpatient rehab is recommended for less severe cases of substance abuse.

Diverse Options Make Recovery Easier

People who are recovered from a substance abuse problem, but still would like to have someone to keep them on a clean path can join support groups and also enter into sober houses where they will get to live in a house with other recovering addicts and be able to live without the temptations to use like they would have at their own homes.

Drug rehab choices have made everyone’s substance abuse recovery personal and more beneficial. Call A Forever Recovery and get all the information you need before entering into the drug rehab program. We can help you locate your perfect program and get you back on a healthy path towards a life free from substance abuse.

New York Drug Rehab


nycNew York drug rehab programs are growing in popularity as the drugs normally used on the west coast and the south have made their way north. Every day in New York, new kinds of drugs emerge and new problems with addiction come with them. People do not understand the importance of not trying new drugs because of their high potential for abuse, but in the end there are dozens of people every day in New York who gain addictions to new and old drugs coming in and out of the cities.

New York Drug Rehab Focuses on Addictions

Drug rehab is a safe haven for anyone struggling with an addiction problem in or around the state of New York. There are programs in drug rehab focusing on hundreds of different kinds of addictions. The staff understands addiction is not something anyone wants to deal with for the rest of their lives and they make it their life’s work to help each and every person who comes into their New York drug rehab clinic recover from addiction.

Treating Addictions

With the numbers of addiction cases rising in and around the area of New York and no ending of drug trafficking in near site, the New York drug rehab clinics are having to expand and work their hardest to help each and every person who needs addiction help recovering safely and without complications. If you are sick of living with an addiction that is taking over every aspect of your life, call A Forever Recovery now and let one of our addiction treatment professionals set you up in the best New York drug rehab that will help you conquer your fight against addiction.

Drug Rehab can Make a Difference in Your Life

Drug Rehab in Connecticut


Drug Rehab in ConnecticutInterstate 95 runs through Connecticut completely and it also runs all the way to Florida. Because this interstate is so large, there are several problems people might have to face. Drug trafficking through states is one of the major problems coming with a long and straight interstate. The locals of Connecticut sometimes fall victim to the effects that drugs cause and they often become addicted to the point of death.

Rehabs Helping Addicts in Connecticut

Drug rehab in Connecticut is something which has gone from being obsolete to mandatory in several parts of the state. Hartford and New Haven are the two largest and most effected areas in Connecticut. There are thousands of people who have addiction problems in these two large cities and who spend their whole lives struggling to eat because all they care about is getting high. Rehab is the best solution for these people who are facing their life with addiction. These programs can help even some of the worst cases of addiction become a thing of the pas.  Drug rehab is a way for people to start their lives fresh and free from suffering and pain that addiction brings into someone’s life.

Drug Rehab in Connecticut

The locals in Connecticut should not have to live with addiction problems and thanks to the growing numbers of drug rehab in Connecticut, people can now get the help they need without having to drive or fly hours away. If you have fallen victim to the epidemic known as drug addiction, contact A Forever Recovery now. We can help you start a fresh start in your life where you will live free from addiction.

Alcohol Poisoning

drunk person

drunk personAlcohol poisoning is when an individual consumes more alcohol than the body is capable of handling. Although this problem may seem minor to some, when alcohol poisoning takes control of someone’s body and mind, his or her ability to handle themselves may become impossible. Alcohol poisoning can lead to death in a matter of minutes and should be treated as soon as the matter is noticed. If alcohol poisoning is not treated soon after taking effect, the victim can gain long term problems as well as causing themselves possible physical pain.

Know the Signs of Alcohol Poisoning

The first signs of alcohol poisoning include, but are not limited to: vomiting, confusion, severe mood swings, slow and shallow breathing, confusion, seizures, pale and bluish skin, and cold and clammy skin. All of these side effects of alcohol poisoning can be treated and need to be treated as soon as possible. While waiting for professional medical personnel to arrive, you should try helping the victim by completely cutting off alcohol consumption as well as giving him or her foods to help lower the alcohol levels in his or her body. If alcohol poisoning is not tended to quickly, the user can experience long term brain problems, organ problems and death.

It Could be Minutes Between Alcohol Poisoning and Death

Alcohol poisoning is a very serious and very scary thing. Every year thousands of individuals suffer from the problem and hundreds die because of their lack of concern for the very serious problem they were facing. Alcohol poisoning can be avoided by abstaining from alcohol consumption. With further questions or concerns contact A Forever Recovery alcohol addiction treatment center. They will be able to help you quit alcohol use all together so alcohol poisoningis something you or your loved one will never have to deal with. Call toll-free (877) 456-3313.